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The Pizzolato's


        My husband and I were born and raised in Louisiana and we are now raising our two beautiful children here! We have grown up with dogs all our lives and were so excited when Penny joined our family. This girl has stolen our hearts! She has been an absolute blessing to all of us and we have decided to embark on this journey with hope of giving other families the same joy she brings to ours. The love between she and our children is like no other and we wouldn't trade those smiles for the world!

        When I began researching breeds to find the best fit for our family, I also had my heart set on finding a dog that would do well with all of the children and adults in our life with special needs. I have been working with children with Significant Disabilities and Autism for 13 years now and have formed so many wonderful relationships. It was important to me to pick a breed that we could train well and know that we could bring her around anyone and that it would be a joyful and even therapeutic experience. Now, we are beginning a new chapter and that original hope has only grown. Penny has the most amazing Temperament! She is so intelligent and loving.  It's definitely my dream that some of her puppies may have the opportunity to become therapy or service dogs one day. Either way, I know that they will have so much love to give to their forever families and that is exactly why we are doing this! 

       For us, finding a dog that was a loving and gentle companion, smart and healthy was so important! And that's exactly what we got! Penny comes from an extremely healthy and strong bloodline. Both of her parents are certified through GANA. Once we decided to breed Penny, we have taken every step to ensure she is in excellent health as well.  She has been tested for over 170+ traits and disorders and passed all of her OFA health testing. It is our commitment to you that we will continue to take great pride in providing the very best start to life for all of our puppies! We will be raising these well bred puppies in our home, following an excellent puppy program with them and will give them the best level of care throughout their time with us. We will ensure they are loved every single day and help them start out with a great foundation of basics until they are ready to go to their forever homes! 

                                                                                                                 The Pizzolato Family

                                                                                                                         Southern Oaks Goldendoodles




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