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Hello Spring Litter
These sweet puppies went home
May 7th, 2022

6 wks Lily.jpg
Hello Spring 2.jpg
5 wks sprout.jpg
5 wks Buttercup.jpg
5 wks Hatch.jpg
5 wks puddles.jpg
5 wks sunny.jpg
5 wks Thunder.jpg
5 wks Boots.jpg
5 wks clover.jpg
5 wks clover 2.jpg
5 wks poppy.jpg

Two Weeks Old

GANA ad 2.jpg
GANA ad 4.jpg
GANA ad 5.jpg
GANA ad 10.jpg
GANA ad 1.jpg
GANA ad 6.jpg
GANA ad 9.jpg
GANA ad 8.jpg

Meet Our Hello Spring Litter
Born March 12, 2022

Hatch wk 1 image 2.jpg
Sprout wk 1.jpg
Poppy wk 1.jpg
Clover newborn.jpg
Sunny wk 1.jpg
Buttercup wk 1.jpg
Boots Newborn.jpg
Lily wk 1 image 2.jpg
Thunder newborn image 3.jpg
Puddles newborn.jpg
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